Friday, December 4, 2015

Bootcamp Group X Plank day with swiss balls and TRX

equipment: swiss ball, dbs, TRX

warm up:
around the body db pass
figure 8 db
swiss ball hip circles
farmer's walk overhead
alt superman plank/ bird dog

method: choose an upper, lower, core, and cardio for one round. Do each round twice through.

swiss ball db lo hi cross chop
swiss ball v legs tap over side to side
swiss ball saw
plank DB pull thru
plank: opposing knee twist (or foot)
TRX side plank
alt superman plank/ bird dog

swiss ball bulgarian split squat
swiss ball wall sit
TRX pistol/ sumo

swiss ball chest flye/ TRX chest press
swiss ball back flye
push up legs on ball or in TRX
TRX row
renegade row
shoulder press

frog jump planks or alt frog jump plank with two foot hop plank
swiss ball mountain climbers (hands on ball)
plank jacks
side to side speed plank
jab jack

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