Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hobo Bag as Diaper Bag

How many diaper bags does a gal need? Especially when your kid is out of diapers??

Interesting question.

But I still like making them, and this new one is quite cool. I used jcaroline creative's Hobo Bag tutorial as the framework for this cute diaper bag.

I am calling it a diaper bag instead of a purse because the inside material is waterproof (Amy Butler LOVE oilcloth, to be specific). The exterior is Ikea home decor weight cotton, and I used lightweight iron-on interfacing for the body.

I modified her tutorial by changing the straps and the lining.

Instead of using rings to attach the straps, I stitched them on using a box stitch. I like this, although I could have used an extra two inches on each side of the exterior side fabric. I didn't think the bag needed to be that busy, and would be fine without the extra pieces.

I changed the lining by putting pockets on both sides. On the side opposite her zippered pocket side (which I LOVE her instructions for, by the way), I did a flat pocket in the same material as the lining. To do this, I took two pieces of material and turned and topstitched them together. Then I topstitched the top, and attached it on the other three sides. I made an extra seam in the middle of the pocket to separate it into two pockets, using my cell phone as the measuring tool for the width of one side. Above the other side, I added a key fob on a 2" x 4" piece of lining fabric which was folded twice and stitched on both sides. I attached this using a box stitch.

All in all, I really like this bag. The strap could be a little longer, but I think the extra 2" on each side would help and may only add another two to four inches to the longer strap side in the future. The strap could also be slightly thinner. I made it a little wider than her pattern to make it easier to turn, and it scrunches up a bit on my shoulder. I love the weight of it, and think the heavy canvas plus interfacing makes a nice bag weight. I also like not worrying about scuffing or dirtying the lining with snacks (hey, maybe that's why I need diaper bags) and crayons. I also really like the look of the oilcloth instead of PUL or lightweight quilter's cotton inside.
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Note: It has come to my attention that the links are broken.  Here are the pattern and instructions:
Hobo Bag Instructions
Hobo Bag Pattern

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  1. Have you still got this pattern pdf? The link is broken. Thanks :)

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I uploaded links. Have fun! It's a great pattern.

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I know this is an old post but I've been looking for a pattern for a diaper bag and this one looks perfect! However, it seems that the page with the pattern no longer exists. Do you by any chance still have the pattern? Thank you!

  3. Olá Nikki ,
    diz que o Padrão já não existe😔tem como você me enviar por favor? Muito obrigada.



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