Friday, December 4, 2015

Bootcamp Group X Plank day with swiss balls and TRX

equipment: swiss ball, dbs, TRX

warm up:
around the body db pass
figure 8 db
swiss ball hip circles
farmer's walk overhead
alt superman plank/ bird dog

method: choose an upper, lower, core, and cardio for one round. Do each round twice through.

swiss ball db lo hi cross chop
swiss ball v legs tap over side to side
swiss ball saw
plank DB pull thru
plank: opposing knee twist (or foot)
TRX side plank
alt superman plank/ bird dog

swiss ball bulgarian split squat
swiss ball wall sit
TRX pistol/ sumo

swiss ball chest flye/ TRX chest press
swiss ball back flye
push up legs on ball or in TRX
TRX row
renegade row
shoulder press

frog jump planks or alt frog jump plank with two foot hop plank
swiss ball mountain climbers (hands on ball)
plank jacks
side to side speed plank
jab jack

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Friday, November 6, 2015

TRX Full Body Bootcamp Group X with BOSU, mini ball, DB, sliders

need: TRX, Bosu, mini ball, dumbbells, sliders

warm up on Bosu
walking lunges/ add ball to side and twist

Bosu squats / TRX squats
TRX pistol squat / lateral lunges (no TRX if full)
Bosu balance lunge with TRX/ TRX lunges
hip bridge with ball/ in and out on sliders or TRX

Bosu burpees
Bosu foot taps
quick feet
speed skaters
basketball/ TRX squat jumps
slider mountain climbers

Bosu ab hollows/ TRX side plank
Bosu planks/ TRX power pull

Bosu push ups/ TRX pull up
Bosu chest press with weights/ TRX chest press
atomic push ups (split it if needed)

DB shoulder press/ TRX alligator

optional: TRX triceps/ DB bicep hammer curls/ DB renegade row Pin It

Friday, October 23, 2015

TRX Group X Training Class Routine 4

warm up first

lower/ upper/ cardio/ 
core/ cardio

squat or jump squat/ hip hinge --- pistol squat/ hip hinge (or sumo squat/ hip hinge)
low row/ chest press

standing roll out
fast feet front side back side, "drop it"

T/ Y deltoid flye
power pull
plank/ side plank
mtn climber/ side lunge slap floor

hamstring curl/ hip press
atomic push up/ pike --- 10 push ups, 10 pikes
speed skaters/ jumping jacks

lunge back/ side/ curtsy - knee up/ hop/ balance----- jump lunges
bicep/ tricep
ladders- side hops, in in out out


cool down after/ stretch

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

TRX Group Circuit Training Class 3


as desired


lower/ upper/ core/ cardio

squat/ hip hinge
low row/ chest press
plank/ side plank
jump squat/ fast feet

single leg squat/ crossing balance lunge
bicep/ tricep
trx crunch/ legs in and out
mtn climber/ high knees

hamstring curl/ hip press
power pull/ T+Y deltoid flye
standing roll out/ overhead back extension
burpees/ jumping jacks

lunge (lunge hop)/ curtsy lunge
push up/ mid row
atomic push up/ pike
jump lunge/ speed skaters


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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

metabolic circuit- 1 hour- favoring upper body #2

pull up neutral grip
ab roller
long jumps
3 rounds

pull up regular grip
ladder quick feet, jump in and out, plank side to side
push ups
3 rounds

TGU x 2 each side
battle ropes x5+ burpee over and over
push ups on medicine ball

windmills (10 lb plate in each hand, 10 each side, 3 rounds)

plank 1 min on wobble disc x2

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Metabolic Circuit: 1 hour - favoring upper body

Mobility warm up
bear crawls
PVC thrus
x3 rounds

Pull ups
Slider Mountain climbers
x4 rounds

plank pull thrus (kettlebell)
rope pulls
x2 rounds

push ups on tire
flip tire
run parking lot
x3 rounds

ball reverse curls
ball dead bug
x3 rounds

hollow rocks
x3 rounds

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

TRX Group Circuit Training Class 2

Warm Up

bear crawls
walking lunges
jump rope
hip hinge
body squat


Notice each of the following segments are lower/ upper/ lower/ upper / cardio.  The last round is core. Do each round with a water break after. 

squat/ single leg squat
chest press
squat/ single leg squat
chest press
speed skaters/ jumping jacks

front squat/ and with a hop
mid row
sprinter start/ and with a hop
mid row
walking push up or burpee with a push up and tuck jump

assisted lunge/ step back lunge
standing roll out/ triceps/ biceps/ Y delt fly
balance lunge/ crossing balance lunge
standing roll out/ triceps rev grip/ biceps rev grip/ T delt fly
ollie- ladder/ side jumps touch low

hamstring curl/ sit up/ hip press/ sit up w rotation
plank/ side plank
overhead back ext/ standing hip drop/ overhead back ext

Cool Down/ Stretch

low back stretch/ and with rotation
hip hinge R/L
upper back
long torso twist R/L
figure 4 stretch
chest stretch
chest and torso stretch Pin It

Thursday, October 1, 2015

TRX Group Circuit Training Class

Warm Up 

The Workout:

Notice each of the following segments are lower/ upper/ core/ cardio.  Do each round with a water break after. 

squat/ pistol
mid to high row
twist/ superman
speed skater/ jumping jack

suspended lunge/ rear lunge/ lunge w knee up
chest press
pike/ crunch
mtn climbers

jump squat/ curtsy lunge
rear delt flye- I,Y,T
power pull R/L
skipped burpees for more speed skater/ jumping jack

hamstring curl/ hip press
atomic push up
side plank
side jumps/ quick feet up 4 back 4

Cool Down/ Stretch

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash


Roasting hard winter squashes whole makes them a lot easier to cut into.  You also need to cook them a bit longer, so you are trading the cutting into a hard squash for some extra time running the oven.

To do this, take a whole squash and score the outside by poking it with a fork or a knife a half a dozen times.  Place it on a cookie sheet (or not, but they drip sometimes), and put into the oven at 350 for an hour to an hour and a half.  It is done when it is soft for a fork.

If you let this cool, you can easily peel the skin and use it for such delisiousness as pancakes (here and here). You could even sub it for sweet potatoes in recipes like this.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

30 Min Workout Blast

Pressed for time? Press this:
(3 rounds of each)

pull ups


sledgehammer on tire
push ups on tire
Tire flips

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