Monday, October 5, 2015

Metabolic Circuit: 1 hour - favoring upper body

Mobility warm up
bear crawls
PVC thrus
x3 rounds

Pull ups
Slider Mountain climbers
x4 rounds

plank pull thrus (kettlebell)
rope pulls
x2 rounds

push ups on tire
flip tire
run parking lot
x3 rounds

ball reverse curls
ball dead bug
x3 rounds

hollow rocks
x3 rounds

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

TRX Group Circuit Training Class 2

Warm Up

bear crawls
walking lunges
jump rope
hip hinge
body squat


Notice each of the following segments are lower/ upper/ lower/ upper / cardio.  The last round is core. Do each round with a water break after. 

squat/ single leg squat
chest press
squat/ single leg squat
chest press
speed skaters/ jumping jacks

front squat/ and with a hop
mid row
sprinter start/ and with a hop
mid row
walking push up or burpee with a push up and tuck jump

assisted lunge/ step back lunge
standing roll out/ triceps/ biceps/ Y delt fly
balance lunge/ crossing balance lunge
standing roll out/ triceps rev grip/ biceps rev grip/ T delt fly
ollie- ladder/ side jumps touch low

hamstring curl/ sit up/ hip press/ sit up w rotation
plank/ side plank
overhead back ext/ standing hip drop/ overhead back ext

Cool Down/ Stretch

low back stretch/ and with rotation
hip hinge R/L
upper back
long torso twist R/L
figure 4 stretch
chest stretch
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

TRX Group Circuit Training Class

Warm Up 

The Workout:

Notice each of the following segments are lower/ upper/ core/ cardio.  Do each round with a water break after. 

squat/ pistol
mid to high row
twist/ superman
speed skater/ jumping jack

suspended lunge/ rear lunge/ lunge w knee up
chest press
pike/ crunch
mtn climbers

jump squat/ curtsy lunge
rear delt flye- I,Y,T
power pull R/L
skipped burpees for more speed skater/ jumping jack

hamstring curl/ hip press
atomic push up
side plank
side jumps/ quick feet up 4 back 4

Cool Down/ Stretch

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Recipe: Roasted Butternut Squash


Roasting hard winter squashes whole makes them a lot easier to cut into.  You also need to cook them a bit longer, so you are trading the cutting into a hard squash for some extra time running the oven.

To do this, take a whole squash and score the outside by poking it with a fork or a knife a half a dozen times.  Place it on a cookie sheet (or not, but they drip sometimes), and put into the oven at 350 for an hour to an hour and a half.  It is done when it is soft for a fork.

If you let this cool, you can easily peel the skin and use it for such delisiousness as pancakes (here and here). You could even sub it for sweet potatoes in recipes like this.


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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

30 Min Workout Blast

Pressed for time? Press this:
(3 rounds of each)

pull ups


sledgehammer on tire
push ups on tire
Tire flips

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hot Peppers Part 3: Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce

Yesterday, you read about the Southeast Asian Chile-Garlic Relish, which is an ingredient in today's third and final installment of How to Eat Hot Peppers all Year.

This recipe is also from The Joy of Pickling and it is for Sweet Chile Garlic Sauce. I am looking forward to dipping grilled chicken breast in this sauce.  

If my hands weren't smelling like garlic before, they certainly were sticky and full of garlic after getting 1/4 cup of it for this recipe. 

I substituted honey at 1/2 the amount for the sugar in the recipe.  She is specific about the temperatures, and at one point even calls for a candy thermometer if you have it.  This recipe also differs from the others in that it is cooked.

Hot Peppers Part 1: Pique Sauce
Hot Peppers Part 2: Southeast Asian Chile Garlic Relish
Hot Peppers Part 3: Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hot Peppers Part 2: Southeast Asian Chile Garlic Relish

Part 2 of my Goodness That's a Lot of Peppers series is another sauce I found in The Joy of Pickling.  

This one is Southeast Asian Chile-Garlic Relish and I tasted it tonight with a sausage and MAN, it is spicy!  It was incredibly delicious, so I had about a teaspoon of it (hence the name "relish").  But then it had an afterburn on my tongue that required some milk swishing and a banana.  Then I got hot~ my whole body.  Suffice it to say, try this in moderation but it is worth trying.

I halved the recipe, which is hot peppers, garlic, salt, and cider vinegar. 

I made it in a jar so I could use the immersion blender.

She says to keep the chili seeds intact, and the immersion blender did a nice job of that.

This is an essential ingredient in the next recipe, sweet chili garlic sauce.

Hot Peppers Part 1: Pique Sauce
Hot Peppers Part 2: Southeast Asian Chile Garlic Relish
Hot Peppers Part 3: Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Hot Peppers Part 1: Pique Sauce

What to do when life gives you peppers?

Make hot sauce, of course!

After staring at the pile of peppers for a day and deciding they weren't getting any fresher, I turned to The Joy of Pickling for some inspiration. This cookbook has been a great resource for creative and delicious recipes.   It didn't disappoint today.

I found three that looked good, and had enough hot peppers to make them all.

The first was a Pique, which was super easy to make and she describes it as an easy restaurant-style condiment.  It's basically hot pepper infused cider vinegar.

To make it, I used an old vinegar jar and sliced up the peppers and garlic, and added them and 12 peppercorns and some salt, then the cider vinegar.  It's on my counter for 2 days before I get to try it.

Hot Peppers Part 1: Pique Sauce
Hot Peppers Part 2: Southeast Asian Chile Garlic Relish
Hot Peppers Part 3: Sweet Chili Garlic Sauce

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Green Beans- Steamed with Olive Oil and Sea Salt

Sometimes it's the simplest things in life that are the best.

These green beans, for example, are so easy that I make them, or another veggie the exact same way, at least three times per week. You can easily substitute broccoli, cauliflower, or zucchini.

veggies to fit in your steamer basket
1-4 T good, real, local if possible olive oil
1/2-1 t. sea salt

Steam veggies until they are al dente.  For us, it used to take 12 minutes but with our new cooktop it only takes 7.  They should be bright in color but with an edge when you bite them.

Rinse in cool water.  This stops the cooking and also makes them cooler for little mouths.

Drizzle olive oil and sea salt over them.


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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Leg Workout: Pistols, Front Squats, Front Lunge, Band Side Walks, Ball Slams, Jump Roping

  • Bear crawls
  • Pistol squats trx (you could do one legged box squats if you haven't done TRX pistols before)
  • Barbell Front squat (you could do a kettlebell goblet or double rack squat if you wanted)
  • Dumbbell Front lunge on step w pulse
  • Band side walks
  • Ball slams
  • Ab hangs or ab hollows or TRX side and middle planks

option: mix in jump roping

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