Tuesday, October 16, 2012

DIY Child's Ergo Baby Doll Carrier Tutorial

This was super easy to make and is a front and back baby doll carrier.  It isn't exactly an Ergo, because it doesn't have a waistband and the straps cross.   But the little guy doesn't seem to mind (They sell Ergo doll carriers if yours does!).

To make it, I measured across his body and hemmed that piece of fabric (the yellow fleece on the top and bottom are for decoration only- at the wearer's insistence).  I then added a pocket and label.

Then I cut the strap fabric across the width of the piece I had.  I then held it against his body again with the baby inside.  I pinned the straps on and crossed them behind his back.  Then I stitched them on.  I did a variant of a box stitch, but it would hold with far less.  I didn't hem the straps because fleece doesn't fall apart at the seams.

Then I measured for snaps and added them, making sure to hide additional layers of fabric at the snap locations so they wouldn't pull through when being used.

When I put it on him, he wanted it to also be a back carrier- like my Ergo.  Love it!
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