Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Little Heartbreaker Pants as Shorts

  These are the "Little Heartbreaker Pants" from the book called Sewing for Boys. This is my second pass at this pattern (first is here).
 I modified the pattern to make them into shorts.  To do this, I folded my pattern piece up so I could leave about four inches from the crotch down the leg.  Then I ironed a hem and stitched to the top and bottom of my ironing.  
 I used Michael Miller's Tot Town Dig It fabric for the exterior (at the little guy's request) and a mustard with cherry blossoms from JoAnn's for the accent (also at his request).  I made my own buttonhole elastic using FOE and snaps.  
 These are the size 2/3 and he is solidly a 4 or 5.  I have found the sizing in the book to be way too generous, although I may need to widen the elastic in these to make the waist looser.   
 They fit the legs nicely and the pockets are just right, and the fly and pleat are nice touches. 
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Purple Poolside Purse by Delia Creates

The Purple Poolside Purse by Delia Creates was a bit of a headache to make, though I do like the finished product.  It is a nice size for a large tote, and I like how the straps are short and keep it close to the body. I also like the waterproof material on the outside to keep the contents dry, since I usually put it on the inside so I can store wet items of clothing.  She even accounts for the need to carry wet items with the exterior waterproof pockets.

It does have some faults.  For one, I put some heavy things in it, and the straps tugged, leaving the space under the straps (where it meets the bag) sagging below.  I need to stitch the straps to both sides of the bag here.

When making it, I didn't understand how the exterior pockets worked, so they ended up not meeting the straps perfectly and this could look a lot nicer.  I don't like how the straps aren't long enough to go all the way to the bottom on both sides.  Next time, I will cut the straps a lot longer so they will go into the bottom seam.

I also ended up needing to adjust the bottom size (mine was a lot shorter lengthwise than she specified, and I had to cut some off as I was stitching).  I don't love when bags have the bottom as a separate piece, since you end up sewing with odd corners, an issue she also acknowledges.

For the interior, I added a zipper pocket on one side a la J Caroline Creative's Hobo Bag and did a large patch pocket on the other side.

I like how she has you make the interior and exterior, then attach them together at the top. I did orange thread on the top for the exterior and green below for the interior and I like how this detail turned out.
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baby Using a Spoon

He is now almost 14 months and using a spoon so well.  He has so few drips, and his aim is pretty darn good.

We LOVE Baby-led-weaning!  Our baby uses cutlery, bowls, plates, etc. and eats all sorts of food and I'm sure baby led weaning is why. It's really remarkable.
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