Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bibs: Better than Ever

So after using the original bibs for a while it became clear that instead of food staining the clothing, food was going to stain the bib instead. That's not very cute! The original bibs were made of a layer of flannel on the outside and terry on the inside. And, being summer (i.e. plums are juicy!!!), some foods were leaking through and making the baby wet.

So-- the improvement of the bibs is to have them made out of PUL. This way, the food slides right down into the pocket. White is another improvement, because it can be bleached to stay clean.

I think an improvement on these will be to use another color FOE (fold over elastic-- the binding) so they will also stay cleaner-clooking.

Note: See earlier post for pattern link.
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  1. Super cool!! I don't know why they make bibs at all that do not have pockets.

  2. I have used these a LOT since this post and I take back what I said about white being favorable! You can't bleach PUL-- it ruins the material!



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