Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bibs Again: Bigger than Ever

So the child is growing and the bibs are staying the same size. With the mess level at meals staying pretty much the same (we did Baby-Led Weaning , so we pretty much sit him down and let him have at it~ still), we needed a better solution to the shrinking bibs.

To make bigger bibs, I took View A of the New Conceptions Pattern that I liked so much originally and printed it at 110% and added two inches to the length. I also made the pockets taller and made a couple of them at an angle for no other reason than style~ I think they look a little Art Deco.

I made eight for our rotation this time, and used my snap press for the closure. I made them all using PUL with FOE.

After using them, I think the length could have been kept at 110% of the pattern, or maybe only one inch longer, but maybe they will be better as he keeps getting bigger. I still think the pocket on the bib is essential for keeping the mess slightly contained.
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