Monday, March 8, 2010

Nonwaterproof Piddle Pad

So-- we are past "graduation" for EC. This means our nearly 19-month old son is potty trained, and has been since 10 months. However, we still have "misses," and these happen when sleeping, too. They happen infrequently enough that we no longer need for him to sleep on a waterproof piddle pad every night (don't worry-- we still have a matress protector under the sheets). But we do need something to put over the sheets so he is not sleeping on wet sheets for the rest of the night (and so we don't need to change the sheets right then~ which could wake him up).

Enter the nonwaterproof piddle pad. We had been using a towel, but they get soaked through.

This new piddle pad soaks from the bottom and keeps him feeling dry on top (unless he misses again, of course, on that same night).

These are made of flannel on both sides with two layers of Zorb in the middle with a layer of flannel sandwiched between the Zorb. The flannel between the Zorb is because Zorb is supposed to be able to absorb better with natural fibers on both sides.  They are quilted to help retain moisture.
We are so happy with these. They feel like sheets when he is sleeping on them, so if he starts to pee, he will feel the wetness (unlike on the traditional piddle pad, which has fleece on top to wick the moisture away).   They also do a great job of absorbing the moisture from the sheets while keeping it inside the mat and not feeling dry from the surface.  Their only drawback so far is that they take a long time to dry from the washer and dryer-- but hey, that's sort of the point-- they absorb moisture.
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This is similar to what we have under the sheets. Pin It

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