Thursday, October 14, 2010

Patch Pocket T-Shirt Tutorial

These are super-easy and cute and my toddler loves wearing them. He notices all of the designs and really enjoys putting things into his pockets.
To make these, I got a bunch of t-shirts from Then I cut rectangles of coordinating fabric from my stash. These I folded in half, right sides together, and stitched around, leaving a 1-2" opening on the longer side for turning. I turned them right side out, and pushed out the corners (I used small scissors but you can use a proper turning tool if you have one). I topstitched along one edge, then pinned them onto the t-shirts with the topstitched side up. You can see that I did some in the middle of the t-shirt, and some on one breast. Then I stitched around three sides, closing the turning hole as I passed it and making sure to only stitch on the front of the t-shirt (duh). Oh, I also added my label (from worldwide label on eBay) before stitching the pocket onto the shirt. You can hardly see it in the photo, but on the red long-sleeve shirt, I added another lengthwise seam to the pocket to make it into two pockets. It was really long, and I didn't want any treasures to fall out!
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