Saturday, June 4, 2011

241 Tote (Noodlehead) as a Diaper Bag - enlarged and waterproof inside

So the 241 Tote from Noodlehead that I made recently is way too small.  The opening on the top is narrow, and the bag itself doesn't have enough space.  And my ingenious idea to add a sideways pocket in the interior failed because when the bag was full, it was too hard to reach in for my wallet! Also, the side pockets were too small for our go-to to-go sippy cup. Live and learn...

OR try again.

So I resized the pattern to 125% on a copier (I couldn't get it to print right from the pdf at 125%) and got to cutting.

While cutting, I kept my strap the same length and cut the zipper pockets' interior fabrics 1" longer than their zippers rather than to her specifications (or 125% of what she specifies).

I used some home decor weight fabrics from Ikea for the exterior and strap with lightweight iron-on interfacing where necessary.  The front white zipper is 6" and the back cream zipper is 13" long.  I thought the back zipper pocket would be good for papers, so wanted it to be large enough.  I lined the side pockets with the same fabric I used on the outside.  I lined the zipper pockets with the orange fabric on top and the gray daisy fabric on the opposite side (I would have just used all orange had I had enough of it, though).

For the interior, I used Amy Butler LOVE laminated cotton and used the same fabric for all of the interior pieces.  This is why it is a diaper bag!  It will be easy to wipe clean.

The interior zipper is 7" and on the opposite side is a patch pocket and key fob.  The interior sides have a snapped pocket on each side which I made using her exterior side pocket pattern piece.  These pockets are lined with the same laminated cotton fabric.

I modified her pattern in similar ways as the last time I made it.  I did not use the darts and do not miss them.  I stitched the exterior zipper pocket linings to the side seams when they overlapped to add more stability when these pockets are full.  I turned the bag (when making it) through the top seam instead of through an interior seam.  Oh, and, of course, all the interior pockets are my modification except for the patch pocket.

This is a nice, roomy bag which I won't be afraid to get out and use.  I hope the extra size on the exterior pockets will be enough to hold the sippy cup.  I also  think that the angle change on the interior zipper will work out nicely.  I am curious if the bag is still too narrow at the top and wide at the bottom.
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