Friday, July 22, 2011

New Pillowcase to calm a TODDLER

Our 3-year old got a spill on his pillowcase from his bedtime snack.

It caused a major crisis and he refused to go to sleep without a case on his pillow (and we, of course, had no backup).

Mama said she could sew one in 6 minutes, so off I went with the dirty case to find some soft fabric in my stash.

I found a flannel remnant with giraffes on it (score- they are his current favorite), and set to work.

I cut around the current pillowcase, leaving room for a seam allowance.  I then cut a second piece, leaving room to cross them over in the middle.

Then I cut the back piece in half and hemmed it.  I put it and the front front sides together and stitched all of the way around, overlapping the back pieces (I should have overlapped a bit more).  I then stitched again all the way around with a faux serge (wide zig zag).

Viola! In 9 minutes (including photos)...

But, what?? You fell asleep without it???
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