Friday, August 12, 2011

Child Size Moby and Doll Diapers

To make this child size Moby wrap, I cut across the longest part of a big piece of knit fabric about ten inches wide.  I didn't hem it or anything-- just added my label in the middle so we could find the middle easily (just like on Daddy and Mommy's Moby).

Dolly needs diapers, too, of course.  We made three.  To make them, we cut a square to size, folded them in the middle, and cut half circles for the leg openings.  I did snaps on one diaper, but they are too hard to do without parental assistance (the Kam snaps can be tight).  So we used safety pins on the other two.

Viola! Now we can do all the baby tasks side-by-side...
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