Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bicycle Bucket Tutorial Review

We just made this bicycle bucket for the little guy's new bike with training wheels.  He had been liking the tricycle a LOT, but it also had a huge trunk. The bike came without any cargo space!  So he chose the fabrics, and we started cutting...

Overall, I like Noodlehead and her stuff.  This bucket ended up a bit small for us, but maybe others don't need so much stuff.  The interfacing wasn't thick enough (I used lightweight fusible and she recommends medium weight double sided), and I didn't get the whole thing covered, somehow, on the inside.  I assembled it by fusing it to the pieces first, so that is probably where we got mixed up.  I also added the bike tab on the piece before attaching the pieces together. I did this to make it smoother on the inside (a la making a purse), though I am not sure the toddler cares about this detail.

After using it, we think it is great! It is easy to take on and off, and a good size for all the essentials... Pin It

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