Saturday, October 11, 2014

Essential Oils "Lice Away," "Focus Blend," and "Cootie Spray" by Nurse Freckles

This is information written by Nurse Freckles HERE. I am re-posting so I don't forget the recipes!!

Lice Stay Away Spray: I am sure at some point we have all received that letter that a child in school or day care has lice and you instantly start itching, my legs are tingling right now thinking about it! AHHHHHHHHH

Focus Blend:
Focus for any child at any age is important; we want those little sponges to soak up as much as they can while they are at school.  You can make a very simple mixture in a roller bottle to help them wake up and keep them focused while at school and after school for homework.

Cootie Spray:
Every time I send my kids to school or child care they almost always come home with a runny nose at some point.  Playing with other kids who sneeze and cough all over each other, putting random toys in their mouth that every other kid in the place has been sucking on already OR my kids favorite pass time picking their noses, any way you slice it, it is a cesspool of germs that they are carrying right back into our house! So for everyone’s health this is a really easy and non toxic hand sanitizer to make!
Good luck out there my peeps fighting the good fight from cooties and lice!
If you are looking to read about the differences in grades of essential oils go here, and safety here.
Disclaimer: This product does not intend to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent  any diseases.
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