Friday, June 26, 2015

DIY Quick Kids' Shorts

My son woke up and told me he was out of shorts.  I thought it would be quicker to whip up a new pair than to slay the growing laundry dragon.

And it was!

These took maybe half an hour, including choosing the fabric and the extra time for putting them together when both kids were awake and in the room.

To make them, I took some fabric and folded it in half.  I then took a pair of (ahem, dirty) shorts that fit nicely and matched the side seam to my fold.  I made sure I had enough fabric to do this twice, then cut a square.

Then I cut an angle up for the crotch seam.

To put them together, I stitched up the inside of each leg.  Then I stitched up the middle seam. Then I hemmed them with a zig zag.

 Lastly, I made the waistband.  To do this, I measured my son's waist against a piece of elastic and made it into a loop with a zig zag.  I took a 4" wide piece of the same fabric as the shorts (but could have easily chosen a complimentary fabric).  Making sure its stretch went wide-ways, I sewed it into a loop.  Then I folded it in half and tucked the elastic loop inside.  I matched its rough ends with the rough ends of the shorts and folded the nice parts downwards.  This I looped around my machine and stitched it in a loop.  I like to reinforce this seam by going around twice.  These look sharp if you also topstitch after, sewing down the seam allowance.  I didn't do this on this pair.

Viola!  Quick kids' shorts.

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