Friday, November 6, 2015

TRX Full Body Bootcamp Group X with BOSU, mini ball, DB, sliders

need: TRX, Bosu, mini ball, dumbbells, sliders

warm up on Bosu
walking lunges/ add ball to side and twist

Bosu squats / TRX squats
TRX pistol squat / lateral lunges (no TRX if full)
Bosu balance lunge with TRX/ TRX lunges
hip bridge with ball/ in and out on sliders or TRX

Bosu burpees
Bosu foot taps
quick feet
speed skaters
basketball/ TRX squat jumps
slider mountain climbers

Bosu ab hollows/ TRX side plank
Bosu planks/ TRX power pull

Bosu push ups/ TRX pull up
Bosu chest press with weights/ TRX chest press
atomic push ups (split it if needed)

DB shoulder press/ TRX alligator

optional: TRX triceps/ DB bicep hammer curls/ DB renegade row Pin It

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