Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pattern Review: Javajem Wristlet

What a great pattern/ tutorial! I found this wristlet tutorial and found it easy to follow and clear. Plus, I love my new wristlet!

Pros of the tutorial:
1. She has a lot of photos of every step and a lot of clear directions.
2. She even gives tips like when to open and close the zipper to make it easier to sew.
3. She makes the zipper sandwich that I struggled with on the box bag (see earlier post) an easy task, with all of the photos making it very clear what goes where.

1. Her cutting list at the top could have been separated by material and listed more clearly-- BUT having the photo there made this ok to manage.
2. Also, there were a LOT of directions. I was tempted to do each step then read the next one but each step had multiple photos so, if you do this, make sure to read through to the next step before doing it so you don't miss anything.

What I would do differently next time:
1. I would use a more plain fabric as the lining.
2. I would have used a more plain fabric for the top of the front and the back. This would make the bottom front *pop* more, and that would be cool.
3. I would have made more precise cuts. I ended up with the back side being longer than the front. I would think that the front would have ended up longer (because it had the zipper, less seam allowances, on that side). So I think this excess was user error on my part, and I didn't do a great job cutting.
4. I finished my seams on the inside with a wide zig zag and would do a close and wide zig zag next time (or serge, for those of you with a serger).
5. I may make it larger.
6. I skipped the interfacing and would skip it again.

I am excited to use this and think it is just the right size for my phone, camera, credit cards, keys, and a snack. Let me know how it goes for you if you use it!

Note: Here is another wristlet tutorial . I didn't use it because the other seemed easier to follow. I like this enough that I don't think I am going to try the other one.

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