Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pattern Review: Toddler Backpack

I thought it was time to make the little guy a bag so he could carry around his cell phone and a book and his keys (yes, he has our castaways of all these objects that he loves-- and he loves my purses and putting things in and out of them). So I found a free pattern online and went to work.

I modified the pattern to skip the interfacing but fully lined it with fleece. I also lined the straps. The pattern was easy to follow and straightforward. If I make it again, I will do the straps a bit longer, or make them adjustable somehow. I may also add velcro or a snap over the opening, but it is a nice idea that he will be able to get items in and out without my help. I saw this tutorial linked to somewhere else and she had added a loop at the top to hang it from a coat hook, and I liked that modification.

The problem with it is that he doesn't really like it. It was a lot of effort to get it on him, and he looked at himself in the mirror in it a few times, then ignored it for a few minutes-- then wanted it off.
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