Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pattern Review: Petite Diaper Tote from One Yard Wonders

With this tote, the name isn't kidding: it really is petite. But when you are packing this light, I would doubt you'd want to pack along your own changing pad (but I am not the expert on this since we did EC instead of conventional diapering).

I felt a little deceived by the photo in Yaker Hoskins' One Yard Wonders (which I LOVE overall). I started the project thinking the changing pad would go in the bag, and ended up stitching it into the bag itself (it rolls onto the bottom). It is also a little small for changing. I do like the quilting pattern, though, on the mat. You will notice I used snaps instead of velcro for it to roll up, and this is because I have snaps and not velcro. It works fine.

Overall, her cutting instructions and pattern is very clear, although I (obviously) didn't preview it enough to realize it would all be one unit. I also had to go back to make the corners in the exterior bag, since her directions said to do it like the interior bag instead of giving the directions again.

I also added a zipper inside the bag, because I find any bag without a zipper interior pocket to be next-to-useless. I can never find my credit card (or feel secure in bringing it along) unless it is zipped inside.  I used jcaroline creative's Hobo Bag instructions for this additional pocket.

Overall, I think this bag is ok. It is TINY, and I think if I am out with a baby and a tiny bag, I'd rather carry a nice handbag.
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