Monday, February 28, 2011

Innovating the KAM Snap Press

The KAM snap press comes with two dies, one for the stud and one for the socket.  To use it, you push either piece into the die that is attached to the press.  Then you push the cap into your fabric and place the cap with fabric onto the bed of the press, and push the lever, thus squishing the prong of the cap onto stud or socket with your fabric between.

It comes with a screw that is flush with the die on the top.  To change the dies, you must use a metric allen wrench and switch them out.

To save time and not to need to keep the allen wrench on my desk (i.e. close to prying hands), my husband has innovated the press.  He got me that long screw instead of the tiny one.  To do this, he took the tiny one to Home Depot and found another that was longer and would fit.  Now I can hand-tighten and un-tighten and it makes snapping a lot quicker and easier.

Amazing!  Thanks, honey. Pin It

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