Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Bachelor Handyman Quilt

Our friend helping us remove dilapidated shed from old house.
 So our friend has finally done it.  He used to spend his weekends fixing houses and race cars, and has now gotten married and they are about to have a baby boy.
One of my favorite shots of our penultimate bachelor handyman friend.  "Will work for beer."
So we had to think long and hard about what to gift him for this occasion.  We couldn't very well give him a race car diaper bag (my original idea~ vetoed) or make them a frilly quilt.
Front of quilt. Note the race car and tool pinked cutouts from flannel and the quilting binding.
So my husband and I came up with this design.  It is race car flannel and tool flannel, with the pieces cut out with pinking shears to keep them from fraying.  They are stitched on with a straight stitch close to the edge.  The partial pieces are on the edges.  The backing is fleece.

Close-up of my first real quilt binding job.
I decided to bind it to make it look more finished. I used the binding tutorial from V and Co. and instead of hand stitching it at the end, machine stitched the last step.  I got a little confused at first before realizing the quilt should be upside down for the first step (duh), and two of my four corners look sharp.  I like her method, and will be more careful when making the 45 degree angles in the future.

I think it's a cute quilt. I hope he/ they like it!

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