Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snapping Diaper Covers with Gussets: Wee Weka Pattern

These three diaper covers were made using Wee Weka's small diaper cover pattern for use with gussets and FOE.  The Nappy Network has a great pattern database out of New Zealand.  To make them, I used PUL and FOE (fold over elastic) with Kam Snaps.

Two items are worthy of note about these covers:

1. I used reinforcing layers in three places.  This is important when using snaps so that the use of the snaps doesn't make them pull through the fabric with use.  I added extra PUL on both back wing tabs, and I also did two layers across the entire front.  I attached the snaps onto the middle and outer layers, as you can see in the second photo.  The inner layer got FOE on the exposed edge.  I did this so that the snaps wouldn't touch Baby on the inside AND so that you can tuck the diaper between the innermost and middle layers in the front.  This helps keep the diaper centered and from tucking up onto Baby's belly (and getting clothing wet).

2. I added gussets.  These are made to give the diaper cover sides additional tightness around the legs and less of a chance of leakage, which is especially important with younger babes who are less reliably pooping on the potty (read: less chance for blowouts when you use diapers with gussets).  These are made with a half circle of fabric on each side, PUL stretched tight across the flat side, and with the round side stitched in when the PUL is added to the leg part of the diaper cover.  This is a little bit slow and potentially frustrating because the gusset already has FOE on it, hence making it wrinkle and harder to match to the other layer while sewing.  Also, it goes on a spot that needs the FOE to be STRETCHED while sewing.  So not only do the gusset and main diaper piece need to be matched in progress, but the FOE also needs to be stretched while sewing, which is easier with a hand on each side of sewing machine.  So it is a bit of a challenge to only have two hands here while needing three.  Slowing down helps the process, as does thinking of all the great benefits of gussets on your diaper cover.

These are size small, and look a little big. I will be curious how they fit the little one (and when). Pin It


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