Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fermentation - Lemonade, Jamaica Tisane, BBQ Sauce, Kombucha

 Lemonade, Jamaica Tisane, BBQ Sauce, Kombucha

I am getting the meal plan from Nourished Kitchen and am liking it.  I like the recipes, though I think they aren't all proofread perfectly (i.e. sometimes all the ingredients are listed at the top but don't make it into the description), and it doesn't always arrive in my in-box on the same day.  So I am using the recipes as inspiration, and I LOVE the ferments.

Here is a photo of what we are currently fermenting.  The Lemonade is her Limeade, the Jamaica Tisane is hers, and I really love hibiscus tea so this is a nice fermented version of the drink.  The BBQ Sauce I have high hopes for for my husband, who likes the sauce, and the Kombucha is lovely with this glorious weather we've been having.
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