Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tutorial: Wool Sweater into Kid's Vest and Cap

This is a cashmere sweater I got a Goodwill ages ago.  I used the sleeves as pants a while back.
Below is a description of how it then also became a vest!  And  two caps.
The arms are a bit wide and loose.  To remedy this, I could slide in a bit of elastic (use the bias binding as a casing).  I think I will just leave it, though.
I wanted to keep the existing neckline.  To gauge the width and arms, I laid an existing vest pattern onto the sweater.  You could just as easily use a shirt or vest that fits.
I also wanted to make sure there was room for a cap underneath.
Then I cut the sides based on the "pattern".  Note I kept the neckline intact.
Here it is with both sides cut out.
Then I used a cap as a "pattern" and made sure to add room for the seam allowance.
To bind it, I made bias binding tape out of an old sheet.  I stitched it to the edges of the sleeve and bottom. 
The I tucked it over, widened my stitch length from 2.5 to 3.5, and made sure to catch the bottom edge as I topstitched, thus encasing the binding and vest edges.
Here it is with the edges bound.
Then I stitched up the sides once with a straight stitch and once with a zig-zag/ faux serge.  You could also use a real serge.
I love using a chain stitch and feeding multiple seams in a row without cutting them apart to save time and thread.
I put my label over the existing label.
Here it is!
To make the caps, I stitched the fronts and backs together, then used a zig zag on the edge of the one that  was cut from the rest of the sleeve.  I don't love how it turned out.
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