Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Purple Poolside Purse by Delia Creates

The Purple Poolside Purse by Delia Creates was a bit of a headache to make, though I do like the finished product.  It is a nice size for a large tote, and I like how the straps are short and keep it close to the body. I also like the waterproof material on the outside to keep the contents dry, since I usually put it on the inside so I can store wet items of clothing.  She even accounts for the need to carry wet items with the exterior waterproof pockets.

It does have some faults.  For one, I put some heavy things in it, and the straps tugged, leaving the space under the straps (where it meets the bag) sagging below.  I need to stitch the straps to both sides of the bag here.

When making it, I didn't understand how the exterior pockets worked, so they ended up not meeting the straps perfectly and this could look a lot nicer.  I don't like how the straps aren't long enough to go all the way to the bottom on both sides.  Next time, I will cut the straps a lot longer so they will go into the bottom seam.

I also ended up needing to adjust the bottom size (mine was a lot shorter lengthwise than she specified, and I had to cut some off as I was stitching).  I don't love when bags have the bottom as a separate piece, since you end up sewing with odd corners, an issue she also acknowledges.

For the interior, I added a zipper pocket on one side a la J Caroline Creative's Hobo Bag and did a large patch pocket on the other side.

I like how she has you make the interior and exterior, then attach them together at the top. I did orange thread on the top for the exterior and green below for the interior and I like how this detail turned out.
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