Friday, October 19, 2012

Crock Pots Aren't Dull (Slow Cooker Recommendations)

We love crock pots. We have two.  A small and a large one.  They are both stainless on the outside and ceramic on the inside, so they are totally safe as far as BPA, etc. 

But I love the smaller one MORE.  Here it is.  For $19.99, it is an awesome little thing. I prefer it to the gigantic one because every time I cook in  one I want to fill it up.  Then, in the big one, we couldn't possibly ever eat it all.  The small one keeps me in check, plus we get 2 good meals out if it (and a lunch or two sometimes, too).  

If you don't like my recommendation, then I would look for one with a timer on it... so it switches to "warm" when the cooking is over (the one I just recommended doesn't, but I adore its simplicity). 

We just started doing stock in our (big) one, and making banana bread in the (small) one, and roasting a whole chicken w/o liquid in the (small) one.  Chili and stew are the best, though.... soup, too....

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