Saturday, October 13, 2012

Slow Cooker Banana Bread and Book Review: Paleo Slow Cooking

  This recipe is from Paleo Slow Cooking and I made it because I was curious how breads work in the slow cooker.

I was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn't pretty, but was delicious. And she quite cleverly used parchment paper to protect the crock and get it out easily.

The little guy liked it, too.

The rest of the book I am not too sure about. Many of the recipes make use of premade spice mixes or other premixed ingredients, which isn't all that helpful to me.  She also spends a lot of time on her story, and her family, which is fine but I would rather have more in the way of how to cook, not why to eat Paleo or why she eats Paleo.  It is pretty, though, and the glossy pages and photos make for a nice counter top book (though I would prefer one I want to keep using!).
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