Friday, April 5, 2013

Organizing Our Shoe Place - Backyard Entry Area

The entry area into our back yard is our drop zone for our play time.  By mid-summer, the little space between the sliding glass door and the kitchen counter is full of shoes, hats, sunglasses, and fly swatters.  In winter, it is overgrown with rain boots.  Here you see the spring version.

This is actually the AFTER photo.  In the BEFORE photo, you would have seen a cardboard box with all of this thrown into it, as well as some markers and a play drill that ended up in there.  Before the box, we had a shoe rack, but it was lopsided because of the trim on the kitchen wall.  It kept falling over.  This is also a narrow space, so it could hardly fit a traditional shoe rack.

The fly swatters now each have their own nail hole.  Before, they were on push pins and the pins kept falling out.  If you were wondering, we have three because: 1. I hate flies, 2. Sometimes more than one of us swats at a time, 3. The swatters end up in different areas of the house, and 4. I hate flies.  Oh, and 5. Fly swatters get rid of flies.  For $1 each at Target, we went crazy.

The stick-on hooks went up last summer for the hats and sunglasses.  They are great, except when the kids play with them and they go missing.

Today this old rack got screwed into the wall and the box was recycled.  This rack is a spice rack from Home Depot that we had used in a closet for intimates on a narrow wall (we took it down when we remodeled the closet and it's been moonlighting as the produce rack when we play "store.").  I put it in backwards because the shoes are longer than the rack width.

With two kids, we really need to keep organized, otherwise we drown under the mountain of "necessities."  Let's hope this works, just for that area, at least.

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