Saturday, April 20, 2013

Toddler Pottying/ EC on the Go

We love that we did EC (diaper-free baby) with the kids.

Now that the little guy is almost 2, he can go a while between potty breaks, and we try to do less peeing on trees when we are out and about.  Putting him on a little potty in the trunk before we get going in the car is quite useful.

In addition to him peeing before we drive, passerby often smile and say he looks cute (we live in a semi-conservative area of CA now) rather than me avoiding their looks as the boys pee in a tree in the same parking lot.

We keep a roll of toilet paper in the trunk (in a baggie), and doggie-style plastic bags for poop (rare- he mostly pees here)-- plus water to rinse the potty out.
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