Wednesday, October 14, 2015

metabolic circuit- 1 hour- favoring upper body #2

pull up neutral grip
ab roller
long jumps
3 rounds

pull up regular grip
ladder quick feet, jump in and out, plank side to side
push ups
3 rounds

TGU x 2 each side
battle ropes x5+ burpee over and over
push ups on medicine ball

windmills (10 lb plate in each hand, 10 each side, 3 rounds)

plank 1 min on wobble disc x2

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  1. Hi Nikki
    Could I use your photograph of the blue jay eggs outside your window? I saw it when I googled blue jay eggs and your name came up. I plan to use the photo a children's computer project on bird watching I'm making to education children about common birds we see around us. Email me at



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