Monday, November 30, 2009

Pattern Review: Amy Butler Nappy Bag

I had been eyeing the Amy Butler Nappy Bag pattern for a while, and finally decided to go for it. Her marketing is slick, and I was drawn in!

This sling bag is really big and has a lot of pockets. It also feels heavy when it is empty. I used a lot of different fabrics because it calls for a ton of material.

When I was making it, it was fun to make. The directions were straightforward and laid out nicely. I also like that the pattern comes on white paper instead of thin pattern paper. I made one side of the bag's interior in PUL so that I would have waterproof pockets for food and soiled clothing and I like this modification. I also added a few zippers, and like them. If I did it again, I would add them again, but I would do a tidier job of putting them in.

She has a bottle bags on both sides on the interior and has them designed to overlap half of each of the side pockets. I thought that was a waste of space, and raised the bottle pockets and turned them sideways on the inside. I added a snap to one and a zipper to the other.

I like the bag, but would do it again by skipping the interfacing and skipping the bottle pockets. I would zipper 4 of the 6 interior pockets (my guy's little hands like to reach in and take stuff out and he hasn't mastered all zippers yet). I would use a bland solid color for the interior because hardly any of it ends up showing. I would use all hard cotton materials (my pocket exterior fabric was a stretch and I had problems with it bunching). I would also consider cutting the strap fabric separately and stitching it together to waste/ use less fabric.

I like the bag, but I don't love it. I love the size and how it falls on my shoulder, and the amount of interior pockets, but I think I need to re-make it with the changes, since I don't love how it looks.
UPDATE: I have now traveled with this bag and really like it. The size is great and the pockets are great. I am thinking it needs a snap-on cover so that it can be hung from a roller bag as we go through the airport and we don't need to worry about stuff falling out. I definitely want to re-make this in other fabric.
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