Saturday, November 7, 2009

Scandi Mei Tai - Take 2 - Reversible Cowboy Mei Tai

The other Scandi Mei Tai I made in September 09 does not get that much use around our house because the hood simply isn't large enough. Another downfall is that I removed the pocket and haven't come up with a better solution for it yet. So I decided to give the Scandi Mei Tai Tutorial another try.
This time, I made it reversible. I upcycled an old pair of jeans as part of the project. I took the pockets off and used one on each side of the body of the carrier. I left the pockets intact in case I can figure out how to use them on the waistband (you can sort of see them in the top photo).

The hood on this one is a LOT larger-- I used the hood pattern for a 4T jacket from Kwik Sew 2911 and elongated it by another 3" at the bottom. The hood loops are longer than she recommends in the tutorial and I put them overhanging the inside edge of the straps. An improvement on this would be to find somewhere to store the hood when not in use so it doesn't block the pattern of the body of the carrier. It does seem to be big enough to afford us some privacy for sleeping or nursing.

I really like how this carrier looks. I also like how it feels. After testing it in the house, our little guy has pulled it out and brought it to me a number of times. Maybe that means he likes it, too!
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