Saturday, January 22, 2011

Insulated Lunch Bag with Drink Pouch

I am amazed this project is finished. It took almost a whole week of sewing time~ but I am happy with the result.

The bag is called the Insulated Lunch Bag with Drink Pouch and it is from the Design Collective's book called "Lunch Bags!"

I think it took so long to sew, in part, because the directions were a little convoluted. They were laid out as a cutting list by material instead of by bag part, so I did a lot of measuring then going back with another kind of fabric and measuring again. It also required some quilting, which takes a while.

The only part I didn't do right was the casing for the drink pouch. I did the buttonholes in the center of the casing piece instead of the center of half of it-- so mine isn't centered once the piece is folded in half. I think I am used to internet turorials, so understanding the directions in a book, with fewer photos and a more formal language, takes a little getting used to.

I did like her use of bias tape, though, and it was quite clear how to make and use it. I also really like her closure of the bag, with two loops. I hope it keeps it shut!

I also adjusted the lining a bit. I added a zipper pocket for money or keys (in case this ends up as the only bag instead of as an additional lunch bag). I used the directions on jcaroline creative's hobo bag for this pocket. I also added a cutlery loop, so I can find my spoon easily.

I am looking forward to using this bag. It seems like a good size and like it has some useful features (insulated, handle, closes, zipper pocket and cutlery loop).
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