Saturday, August 31, 2013

DIY Adding a Kitchen Cabinet Shelf (also works for Closets)

We just recently organized our spices, and my husband discovered that the microwave doesn't vent up.  There was a big empty wooden shell where the vent would be, so he took it out and covered the holes on the top and bottom with wood.  So that meant that we now had a ton of space, in addition to the beautifully organized spices.  So we decided it needed a shelf.

Want to add a shelf somewhere?
This works in the pantry, or a closet, or pretty much anywhere that one board could sit across.

Step 1: Measure the space.  Do this two or three times to make sure you got it right.
Step 2: Go to Home Depot and find a piece of wood the same size, or slightly larger.  They will cut it to size if you want, or go on to...
Step 3: Measure it (twice).  Cut it using a circular saw or similar (we use sawhorses, too).
Step 4: Choose wide scraps for your side supports (ideally 1" wide, but they could be wider, too)-- find one for each side and you could also use one or two along the back wall.  Putting them on the back wall is totally optional- I did it with this project because it was a long space, but it's optional.  Start drilling 2-3 screws in each one.  I do this because it is easier to start the holes facing down than when they are in the wall at an awkward angle.

Step 5: Measure the walls and mark where to place your supports.
Step 6: Screw the supports into the walls.  Use a level to make sure they are straight.

Step 7: Place your shelf board on top of the supports.
Step 8 (optional):  You can choose to drill the shelf onto the supports from the top down.  For this project, my fit was pretty tight so I didn't do this.

Step 9: Put all your things back in the space.
 Enjoy your hard work!
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