Sunday, August 25, 2013

DIY Kid Pants

To make these super fly and comfy pants, the first thing I had to do was choose the fabric.  I like soft knits like Michael Miller makes.  They are thick enough to withstand some serious kid action, and come in some really fun prints.

Then I measured my son's waist and added an inch.  I cut my elastic to an inch larger than this so I would have some space for overlap.  I then took my favorite pants pattern and enlarged it to my son's size (now a 6T!!!); to do this, I laid its largest size on a current pair of pants and added length and surprisingly little width.

I cut them, then realized I could just lay the pattern on the fold and have fewer seams to stitch, so these are slightly different than my usual pants.  Then I cut the waist fabric.

To stitch them, I first added my label.  Then I sewed the waist elastic and waist fabric into circles (separately).  Then I stitched each leg closed, and next came the crotch seams-- sewing the legs together.  Then I put the elastic into the waist fabric and pinned and sewed it onto the legs.  Lastly, I hemmed them.
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