Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Organizing the Spices

We organized our spices a while back into these Ikea containers.

That was for a cupboard in our last house.  It was a low cupboard which held about 5 in a stack.  In this house, the spice cupboard is tall and high up, and we had about ten or more per row.  Each time I would need a spice, they would get unbalanced and fall... unless I got the stool and got right up there... but sometimes that wouldn't work either.  It was frustrating.  And perhaps dangerous.  Something needed to be done.

My original idea was to do magnetic spices of some sort, maybe using Super Glue to attach magnets to jars and putting a metal board or tiles on the kitchen wall.

My husband didn't like this idea, since we have almost 50 spices (!) and we don't need to clutter the outside of the cupboards with 50 items.

This is a nice solution, actually, so far.  It is 2 lazy susans and all of the spices condensed into 2 oz jars (like these).  We labeled them with our trusty label maker, and put the excess of each spice into a bin in the garage.

My husband is going to make a shelf for over the spices, as there is still a lot of open space way up there.

We are still a few containers short of being done.  But it will be nice to split the oils from the spices, and have it all not come crashing onto me when I am cooking, holding a child, and needing the turmeric.
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