Monday, December 23, 2013

Fireplace Remodel Part 1: The Chimney

This is the best "before" photo we have of the exterior of the chimney (love our local wild turkeys).  We decided to turn the fireplace into a gas-burner, and remodel it, and mount the tv above it.  The first step was to call a chimney sweep to get the status of the chimney, which we had never used.  He said it was fine, save for some loose bricks on top and the firebox (where you make the fire) on the inside has some cracks in the mortar which had been patched.  He also said it was a terra-cotta liner inside, and entertained us with his chimney history lesson and then put on a full black suit with a respirator as he cleaned it.  The kids are still talking about that.

Then we found a local mason to come and patch and repair the chimney.  He suggested turning the top layer of bricks at an angle and having them come slightly outwards as a decorative touch, and we agreed it would be nice.  He also (not shown in the bottom photo) caulked and painted the flashing at the bottom dark brown to match the roof.

The kids are making castles from extra bricks.


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