Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fireplace Remodel Part 3: Natural Stone Mantle, Mounting the TV, Gas Logs, Decorating

After changing out painted white brick (which had been floor to ceiling) into Ledgestone (Part 2), and making a new firebox out of fire brick, there was a spot of brick on top that couldn't be removed and had to be chisled down, mortared over, then spackled over and then painted.

At the same time, the mason was choosing and cutting and piecing together a natural stone hearth and mantle out of Montana Bronze natural stone.  This was quite an impressive feat.  They are all the same height, the edges are square, with all cut edges facing inwards, and there is variety and interest in the pieces and how they fit together and how the colors look.  We are really happy with his work.

After he finished, we mounted the tv and put the gas logs in.

It works!

Then we got to find a piece of furniture for the TiVo and other tv gear.  It had to be narrow enough to fit between the fireplace and the window, and it had to have a drawer, and an open front shelf for the remote to work.  You can see we also got a tall decorative piece for each side of the tv (thanks, Pier 1!~ red glass flame, vase, sticks).

Next up: we need to think about the lighting in the room.  The issue is that the switch works the left lamp only, and we used to have two matching floor lamps (one on each side).  It's fine to have one on the switch and turn the other on manually, but it would be nice to have a matching floor lamp and table lamp.  OR to figure out what lighting to use that would be permanently mounted and wired in: sconces, track lighting, a ceiling light somewhere (it's painted wood and gets higher as you go away from the fireplace)? Ideas welcome.
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