Monday, February 10, 2014

Quick and Dirty Rain Pants

Yay for California (finally!).  Rain!!!

I had cut rain pants from PUL a month or two ago and not yet stitched them up.  I cut them similar to when I made rain pants before, by basically using my current best pattern and choosing a waterproof fabric and a cozy waistband.  This time, though, I cut them a little wider than the current size, thinking they would be worn over a pair of pants, perhaps while biking.

So, there they sat on my desk, and the rain finally came.  And still they sat on my desk.

By the (ahem) fourth day of steady rain, we finally had puddles (if that speaks to the level of drought), and a break in the rain.  It took the boys all of three minutes to get soaked (see top photo).

I ran inside to finish those pesky pants.  

The little guy was anxious for his, so they are still waiting for the waistband (and hem on the legs).  He was content with a safety pin in front and a binder clip in back.

His brother wasn't so anxious to stop playing, so I was able to attach a waistband and snap a photo of them.

It is now the day after these puddles, and they are all gone!  Soaked into the thirsty ground by morning.

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