Saturday, February 1, 2014

Monthly Garden To-Do List: February

It's February in the Lamorinda Garden.  This is a time when it is still cool enough for the winter veggies and warm enough to plant seedlings.  Plus, it's still raining and the turkeys are still strutting around.  Those first blossoms of spring come this month with the plums, crocuses, and some daffodils.  Keep a lookout for the first asparagus as well.

What to do this month?

  • Start those summer veggie seedlings.  You can do it inside or out-- look on the back of the seedling packets for which to start in seed trays and which to start in the ground.
  • The last day of frost is February 18th in our area.  Remember that date for when you can take off your frost blankets for the year, and when planning which crops can go into your boxes and when.
  • Keep picking your winter veggies- those cabbages, kale, spinach, and the like are still delicious.
  • Look for some plum buds on the wild plum trees around-- when you do your pruning, take some inside and put them in a vase.  Wait a week or so, and they make a glorious arrangement.  
  • Do your spring pruning - your stone fruit could use a trim, I'd guess.
  • Enjoy those bulbs you planted in the fall.
  • Keep dry!  Your garden is loving the moisture from the rains; make sure to keep your irrigation system off for the winter.

We like to protect the seeds we start outside with an old screen.  The birds love seeds!

Don't forget to water seedlings inside.  You can get a special tray where they soak water from below so you won't disturb their baby root systems.

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