Sunday, March 2, 2014

20 pounds of Cabbage in my 2 Gallon Crock... mmm... Sauerkraut

Last year, we got our 20 lb box of sauerkraut from our farm box CSA and made different types of sauerkraut in jars.

This year, our process was different.  

Delicious as the flavors were, we streamlined a little.  Everyone loves plain sauerkraut.

So we made plain sauerkraut.  

We all took turns slicing (ok, the older one sliced and the younger one fed scraps to the chickens-- but it's good to have a job and be useful), then I sprinkled the kosher salt (approximately 1 T per head of cabbage).  We all took turns pounding, then we took a break.  Then we pounded.  Then they got bored and I pounded some more.  I left it in the 2 gal crock and 1 gal crock overnight, then consolidated into the 2 gallon crock the next morning and weighted it down.

Now it is waiting to ferment...

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