Saturday, March 1, 2014

Monthly Garden To-Do List: March

Have you ever tried green garlic? It is garlic, picked early- before the bulb starts to differentiate into cloves.  You cook with it like you do with green onions or leeks, and it is so fresh and mild and delicious, that it is worth scouring the Farmer's Markets for bunches of it in February, March, and April.

Speaking of March, it's SPRING!  Finally!  Hey, time to get naked and plant the veggie boxes.

Don't forget your rain boots.  Just in case.

But really, grab your unpaid labor force, and it's time to add compost to that veggie box, turn it, and plant those seedlings (or seeds- depends on which you prefer).  Personally, we go back and forth depending on the year.  I usually end up not "thinning" enough when I use seeds, so my boxes look better when I use starts.  But gardening is much more expensive that way.  Don't forget to leave the seedlings outside for a day near where they will be planted before transplanting them.  This will reduce shock.

What else is going on in March in the Garden?

  • The magnolias are in bloom.  These bright pink blooms adorn the trees before their leaves, and are striking against the skies this time of year.  They are short-lived, so enjoy.
  • The spring bulbs are flowering- enjoy those as well.  Your blueberries will also be putting their flowers out, and the figs will sprout leaves, as will the other deciduous trees.
  • Sprinkle some wildflower seeds before the last rains.  How about some California Poppies?  They are deer-resistant, drought-tolerant, and beautiful.  They also naturalize.
  • You could also plant poppies.  I knew a woman who threw a bunch of poppy seeds into her yard before the last rains, and had a glorious spring garden.

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