Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY Bamboo (PVC) Flute (Bansuri)

I know this is at an odd angle, but it's a scan from 1998 and it was my instructor in Nepal. Manoj Singh. He is (was?) an amazing player of the classical bamboo flute, which is called the bansuri in Nepali.  

My older son recently went on a field trip to the local middle school and was treated to a band concert.  His takeaway?  It was loud.  And the Tuba was awesome.

So I, of course, had to pull out my bansuri, which I studied with Manoj nearly 20 years ago (yikes).   The boys loved it! And I could still make music on it.

They wanted to touch it.  They wanted to play it.  They wanted to fondle it.  

I had to say no.  Where do you buy a genuine bansuri, after all?

So we made them PVC flutes.  And we made them for two of the neighbor girls, too.

I chose lengths of 1/2" PVC from our scrap pile.  The we took a drill bit and screwed a hole for blowing, then left a big gap, then made 3 holes, then a small gap, then made 3 more holes.  Then we took a cork and narrowed it with a utility knife until it fit into the hole on the mouthpiece end, and stuffed it in, then cut it flat with a kitchen knife.  The the boys took them outside to paint and decorate them.

They work!  For troubleshooting, we made a wider mouth hole. 

They make music!

So cooL!

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