Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sewing for Boys: Little Heartbreaker Pants as Shorts

The last time I made the Little Heartbreaker Pants from the Sewing for Boys Book into shorts, they were a huge hit.  They fit perfectly, and have weathered well (my younger son is in them now).  They are fun but polished.  My only beef is that I need to iron them every 4-5 wearings to keep the top front flat waistband looking flat.  I suppose it was to be expected.

I had a few issues this time, namely, that the rise in the back seems low and that I had to cut a bunch of fabric off the backs to make the hem even, then now the hems seem shorter and angled in back.  

I wonder why I didn't have these issues the first time around?  Maybe making four at a time hinders quality control?  Maybe not.

But the boys chose their fabric (my younger son got the top pair and the others are for my older son), and they love the result.

My younger son actually would love a pair of the sunflower ones. I am going to have to start buying more than a yard of fabric at a time!

One other change this time- as seen in the last photo- is that I finished all the seams.  They are all finished then turned under-- there is great care in the underpinnings of these...

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