Saturday, May 31, 2014

Backyard Steller's Jay Nest - The Babies Hatched!

This isn't my image, but this is what the loud birds in our yard look like.  They have been there since we put up a bird feeder the summer before last.  They are large and they are loud, and they like to make noise early in the morning.  They are pretty birds, though, and stay year-round.
We looked up one day, about 3 weeks ago, and noticed a huge nest made of huge twigs on top of some pipes.  We noticed it belonged to one of the "blue pointy-head birds" that live in the yard.  Look how huge those twigs are!

Yesterday we noticed a baby bird chirping noise under it, and was happy to realize she had her babies!  When we see her tail (like in the photo), it is quiet there.  It is chirpy when we don't see her tail.

This is also not my image, as we haven't looked inside the nest.  But we looked in our bird book this morning and found out she is a Stellar's Jay.  We learned they lay 4 eggs and the incubation period is 16 days.  Beautiful eggs!
This is how close her nest is to where we hang out on the side of the house.

This is (obviously) also not my image.  We found this online after learning that they are black to start, and as they feather out, blue tail feathers come in first.

Not my image, but what a beautiful feather!  I am surprised we don't find more like this laying around.

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