Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Building a Greenhouse Part 5: Plumbing

As you may recall, we added plumbing to the chicken coop last fall.

The greenhouse is fairly close to the coop, so we decided to plumb them together and add a spigot to the greenhouse.  We didn't do a drain, thinking we will hold a bucket under it and water the plants with any waste water.  Stay posted to see how that turns out.
The spigot is in the door corner.  You can see the PVC going down, and jogging out and down through the studs and flooring.

I again neglected photography when we dug across the chicken yard.  This time, though, we were fending off chickens, who love nothing more than freshly dug holes and their worms.  We went down (the pipe wrapped it for winter), then across, then between the coop and compost bin and tied into the coop water.  The shut-off valve is a bit lower then ideal, but it turns off all the water to the area, which is nice.  You can never have too many shut-off valves.  

I have since painted the new pipe brown and covered up the exterior portion (shown here).  The part that was never photographed was covered up shortly after it was glued closed.  Those chickens sure excel at digging.


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