Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Plumbing the Chicken Coop Part 1: The Line and Spigots

The chicken waterer gets HEAVY. Especially when the hose doesn't quite reach there, and you need to carry it, full, while trying not to spill it.  And we aren't getting any younger.

So our grand plan is that we aren't moving from this house.  Ever.

So I was in charge of the trench and my husband was in charge of the plumbing (why not take advantage of my "youth" now, and not need to lug the waterer again in exchange for a few hours of hard labor- great plan).  He took his trusty toddler associate to get supplies and the preschooler and I set to work pick-axing the trench.

Look closely at the pick-axe photo.

Yes, that is an irrigation line I accidentally pick-axed.  Oops.

So we got the irrigation kit and one of us was excited by the opportunity to splice the line and rig it back together (hint: it wasn't me).

Then we pulled the axe out and pulled at the thick tubing.  Then we noticed it wasn't ours.

That was excellent news (for me).  When we moved in, the old irrigation had so many leaks that we basically just turned it off and have added irrigation as necessary.  We didn't pull out the old stuff.  So here some was.

When Daddy and his helper returned, my helper shed some more clothing (it was a hot day).

Then Daddy started plumbing.  He basically bought 3/4" PVC and split the line at the irrigation (before the valves so it would run all the time).   He ran a line in my awesome and deep trench dug near the end of the dry season.   

(This is the misting system our older son made out if irrigation to emulate the future misting system the hens will have for them-- using this water line-- stay tuned).

At the coop, my favorite plumber ran the PVC upwards and put a spigot on the outside and a spigot (and more) on the inside.  The outer spigot is because it was easy and our other hose doesn't run over here-- and it is outside the coop -- if we need water without going in.  I actually have been using it to rinse the food waste bin each time after emptying it for the chickens to eat it.  It is great.  I hope it helps keep our inside fly population down.

Later, the kids helped me paint the PVC and bracket it to the coop.

Here is the inside view- there is the spigot and two other branches.  One is for a nipple watering system and the other is for the misting system.  There is a zucchini on it because we grew a massive zucchini and were photographing it in various locations around the yard.  Yes, it was a child-directed photography lesson.
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