Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rehab Workout: Full Body without using the bottom of one Leg

This workout is dedicated to Grandma Bobbie, who ruptured her achilles a month ago (ouch!) and has a long road to recovery.

Thanksgiving 2014 with Grandpa & Grandma Bobbie
Equipment needed:
Start all with 3 sets of 10 reps. As you get stronger (can do 15 reps), jump to heavier weights and fewer reps (probably will get 8 reps to start at a heavier weight). If you feel weak or are shorter on time, do 2 sets.  Do the legs, chest, back, and core exercises every time (3-4 days per week). You can choose 3 of the exercises instead of doing all in every section. Add the shoulders and arms as desired, at the end.

Do a warm up of some sort first. Yes, you can use your crutches to gather your gear and maybe you will be warm from the exertion and that will count for now.

  • One leg Romanian Deadlift (dumbbell in either hand or both, or without weight) 
  • Leg kickbacks while "standing" (weight on knee of injured leg)- reps going back, at a 45 degree angle to the side, and directly to the side (keep foot flexed) 
  • Seated Leg Extensions (ankle weight on working leg)- this is just straightening and bending the good side leg and flexing the quad at the top 
  • Side-Lying leg circles - small circles, large circles, up and downs, front and backs, clamshells- basically half of the pilates side-lying series - can shift so more weight to glutes instead of only on side directly 
1 leg Roman Deadlift
Here is the pilates side lying series

  • Chest Press (hands facing out) lay on ground, hold heavier dumbbells in hands 
  • Chest press (hands facing in) switch to lighter dumbbells 
  • Chest Flye (hands face in) 
  • Equalizer dips (use feet/ foot for support as needed) 
  • Equalizer push ups (change the equalizer angle to your level- holding hands on it- higher is easier) 
  • Angle your body frontward on something (can be a table, etc.)- but do these supported for a while. When you get stronger, you can do them unsupported and leaning forwards. 
  • Back flye (hands facing in- squeeze between shoulderblades at top of each set). You should feel this in your rear delts. 
  • Optional rear deltoid flye- same motion but change the body angle to be more upright. 
  • Dumbbell row (hold a dumbbell in each hand- the heavier ones) and angle body forwards at a steeper angle. Pull the weight up until your hand is even with your chest. Lower it- in control. To make it easier, do one hand at a time.
  • Equalizer pull ups (use your feet and the angle to make the difficulty right for you)
back flye

row, starting position (adjust foot position as needed to achieve back angle)
row, ending position
  • "4" leg bird dog- Knees on a bench of a picnic table and hands on the table. Lift the opposite hand and opposite foot to parallel to ground. Lower. Breathe. On injured side, only lift the hand. You should actually do these as often as you remember- daily if you can.
  • Sit ups with lighter dumbbell in hands (hands on bells). Come all the way up. 
  • Russian twist. Can hold dumbbell as needed. 
  • Equalizer leg raises - probably optional at first
Optional Shoulders:

  • lighter DB seated shoulder press (hands facing front, making an arc as you raise so they nearly touch at the top) 
  • lighter DB front raise (hands facing front, raise from nearly touching legs to parallel to ground)- can also use one equalizer as the weight (holding the loop part) 
  • lighter DB side raise (hands facing in- raise to parallel and back in. exhale on the exertion - which is the up in this case) 
Optional Arms:
  • Lighter DB Biceps curl (hands facing up- keep elbows tight and upper arm stable the whole time)- seated is fine 
  • Hammer curl (biceps curl with hands facing in) -seated is fine 
  • Triceps kickback - angle body forwards - hands facing body- kick the weight back and squeeze triceps at top- ok to do one side at a time if needed 
  • triceps press overhead - sit down- hold one heavier DB in both hands. Keep elbows facing forward and top of arm stable. Lower and lift weight, giving a squeeze at the top.

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