Thursday, July 30, 2015

Metabolic Circuit: Kettlebell Upper and Core

Equipment Needed:
Band (or not, if you can do an unassisted pull-up)
Pull-up Bar
Medium Weight (for you) Kettlebell

+/- 40 minutes

First, warm up.

Then do four rounds of:
band assisted pull ups until failure
kettlebell (KB) windmills x10 each side
push ups until failure (choose your difficulty- wall, knees, plank, one foot up, etc.)

(KB windmills- not me)

Have some water.

Now do three rounds of:
KB TGU x 3 each side
KB pull thru in plank x 10 each side
KB clean (use the heaviest bell you can handle) x6-10 each side

(Turkish Get Up - not me)

[KB clean (that's also not me)]

Have some more water.

Now do three rounds of:
ab hollows to the front, side, and side

(no, this video isn't me. it's ab hollows, though)

Now stretch and roll and have some more water. Pin It

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