Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dish Towels

I was at the fabric store and there was a really long line. Bad news for me which meant I made an impulse purchase of some dish towel fabric. It was narrow, and two sides were already finished. All I did for these was cut four of each at about 17" wide and hem the other two sides, and add my label to each.

I think they are a little too small to make a good dish towel - SADLY! But they make good cloth napkins, so I think that is what I will re-purpose them into.

And I will try to stay a little more focused at the fabric store...
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  1. What fabric store do you go to?

  2. I jump around but I found this at Stone Mountain Daughter on Shattuck. I also like Discount Fabrics on San Pablo and JoAnns on San Pablo in El Cerrito. I also shop online- I like Vogue Fabrics and Full Moom Co-Op...



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